Hey! I’m Juraj.

An entrepreneur, lifetime learner and
unshakeable optimist dedicated to sharing my experience with others.

Over the last decade, I had the privilege to live in five countries and on three continents. All of this global exposure had a big impact on how I see the world, my knowledge and network, and prompted me to share my experience with other like-minded individuals, people facing similar situations, or, at they very least, anyone seeking inspiration.

While this blog takes on a variety of topics, the underlying motive is simple – to provide a worthwhile read and food for thought. By combining both text and visual elements, I have set out to share stories about my global experience (be it traveling or living in enchanting South East Asia), how I embarked on my entrepreneurial journey and what it takes to succeed, life hacks, health and exercise-related matters, actionable books and other constructive topics.

My ultimate goal is to create a prosperous life not only for myself, but also for others around me, and, therefore, if anything in this blog helps at least someone out there, my effort will have been worthwhile.

Connect with me

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