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  • Real-life Harry Potter movie locations - Alnwick Castle - JRMI

    Real-life Harry Potter movie locations in the UK

    If you’re like me, Harry Potter had a big influence on your childhood. It was a must for me visit some of the Harry Potter movie locations once I moved to the UK. I hope this information will help you as an inspiration for your next magical trip or at least help you uncover the origins of your favourite movie scenes.

  • Hong Kong - New York of the East

    Hong Kong – New York of the East

    Hong Kong, a former British colony, is a fascinating city that can be best described as New York of the East. Busy streets, financial centres and a jaw-dropping skyline are just some of the similarities between these two metropoles.

  • Vientiane, Laos – very slow life

    Laos somewhat resembles Thailand’s younger sibling. Featuring a similar language and culture, it’s characteristic for its therapeutically slow life and recent dark past (regarding the Vietnam war) and shouldn’t be missing on the list of any traveler in the region.

  • Krabi, Thailand – the post-tsunami paradise

    Krabi is undoubtedly one of Thailand’s shiniest jewels when it comes to beaches and natural sceneries. Seeing it in full glory for the first time makes it hard to believe that a paradise like this was once hit by a tsunami.