Tax calculator for Thailand (download)

It’s said that tax is the price we pay for living in a civilised society. Even though this statement may be true, it doesn’t make it any easier for us to calculate our taxes. This tool does! Download a free tax calculator for Thailand and calculate your personal income tax with ease. It works both in Excel (Windows, macOS) and Numbers (macOS).

Download Thailand tax calculator here

(Please note the downloads are in form of a .zip file and are best downloaded on a computer rather than a mobile device)

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Who is this tax calculator for?

As a simple spreadsheet, this Thailand income tax calculator can be used by foreigners and Thais alike. While it’s primarily designed for people who have a regular monthly income from employment, it may be further customised to suit other types of users, such as people with multiple types of income etc.

What it can do for you

As a numbers lover, I have developed this tax calculator for myself to keep track of my money and calculate my personal income tax. It’s been working really well and even managed to save me some money on a couple of occasions, for example, when it uncovered a payroll/accounting mistakes in my previous employment or helped me pay less withholding tax. It can now do the same (and more) for you. Here are a few reasons you may like it:

Easy to Use

Just input your numbers and the tax will be calculated for you.


Built for use in Thailand and up to date with the latest tax laws.


Can be fully customised to match anyone’s needs.

Tax Calculator Thailand

How to use the tax calculator

Calculating your own tax is really easy. In the spreadsheet, all fields that require your input have a grey background. On the contrary, all white fields do the calculations automatically and are best left alone (unless you want to change the formulas). The fields you will have to fill are:

Gross income

Input your monthly income before any deductions are taken.

Withholding tax

Tax applied to employment income and can represent 5-35% of your monthly salary. The deducted amount goes directly to the government and counts toward your yearly tax liability.

Social security

An amount paid to the Social Security Fund. It usually comprises 5% of monthly income but no more than 750 THB.

Expenses (voluntary)

With monthly expenses filled in, you can get a clear picture of where where your money goes (see the graph below the Income Statement).

Tax Calculator Thailand

Deductions and Personal Allowance are a bit trickier to determine and largely depend on everyone’s situation. For the completeness of information, I am including their details below:

Tax deductions

Type of IncomeDeduction
Income from employment50% (not more than 100,000 THB)
Income from copyrights50% (not more than 100,000 THB)
Income from property10% - 30%
Income from liberal professions30% (medical profession 60%)
Income derived from contract of work whereby the contractor provides essential materials besides toolsActual expense or 70%
Income derived from business, commerce, agriculture, industry, transport, or any other activities not specified earlierActual expense or 65-85% (depends the type of income)

Personal allowance

Single taxpayer60,000 THB for the taxpayer
Undivided estate30,000 THB for the spouse
Non-juristic partnership or body of persons30,000 THB for each (max 60,000THB)
Spouse allowance60,000 THB
Child allowance30,000 THB each
Parents allowance (parents over 60 years of age with income less than 30,000 THB)30,000 THB each
Life insuranceMax. 100,000 THB each
Health insuranceMax. 15,000 THB
Approved provident fund contributions and/or Retirement mutual fund contributionsMax. 500,000 THB (not more than 15% of income)
Long term equity fundMax. 500,000 THB (not more than 15% of income)

The last step – calculating your tax – is completed automatically. At the end, you will see the total tax due and the amount your employer already withheld from you. These two numbers will add up and if the total is positive, you need to pay the remaining balance. In case of a negative result, you have overpaid and can get your money back from the Revenue Department when filling your taxes.

Tax Calculator Thailand

Where to file a tax return in Thailand

Once you have calculated your tax with the tax calculator, you can file your tax return online on this website. Note that this website is only in Thai and is, therefore, pain to use for foreigners. In any way, taxpayers in Thailand are required to file their personal income tax returns and make payments to the Revenue Department within the last day of March following the taxable year. Happy calculating and filing!

E-filling revenue department JRMI

Deadline for filing your tax return in 2020

The deadline for filing your taxes online for the previous year (2019) is August 31, 2020. Time remaining: